Varta CR2016 (6016) lithium coin cell battery

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Varta CR2016 (6016) lithium coin cell battery

High-tech primary button batteries designed to provide reliable power for small electronic devices such as toys, electronic games and computers, fitness equipment, safety devices and alarm systems, electronic calculators, car keys, remote controls and medical applications .
  • VARTA 6016 button cell batteries are branded premium quality product, suitable for various small electronic devices.
  • Suitable for garage openers, car keys, bathroom scales and medical devices
  • The CR2016 button cell is a reliable power source for everyday use.
  • The coin cell battery offers durability and ensures high performance.
  • These lithium button cells have a high energy density and good temperature behavior.
  • High quality materials ensure high capacity and quality of the button cell battery.
  • EAN number: 4008496276639
  • Supplier code: 48057
  • Brand: Varta


  • IEC name: CR2016
  • ANSI / NEDA name: 5000LC
  • max. capacity: 0.1 Ah
  • maximum capacity: 90mAh
  • Technology: lithium battery
  • Voltage: 3V
  • rechargeable: no
  • Storage capacity: 5 years